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We Want To Thank You!

Thank You!

We appreciate your use of WebRidez. People who share a passion for cool ridez help to fuel this website! Thank you for being part of our community of like-minded automotive enthusiasts.

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Always Free

WebRidez is free. And when we say free, we mean it. We’ll never ask you for a credit card or ask you to register. So go ahead and browse our website – look for events, submit events and be sure and submit your own car, truck, or bike.

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Since 2017

We created WebRidez in 2017 as a way for people to promote automotive events. The idea was to offer a website where it would be easy and free to publicize car shows, swap meets, cruises, races, and to allow car enthusiasts to show off their cars, trucks or bikes.

We’ve tweaked and fine tuned WebRidez all along the way and continue to refine and make improvements. If you like WebRidez – please tell your friends! If not – tell US how we can make WebRidez better for YOU!