Iowa Bimmer Team

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Iowa Bimmer Team

Category: Car Clubs

State: Iowa

Contact: Christian Pearce
Phone: (319) 432-4113

Club Information

Home Base: Iowa City
4400 Soccer Park Rd, Iowa City
Iowa City

Iowa Bimmer Team Details

We are a group of just BMW owners, we want to inspire the younger car generation with mature meets and cruises. Want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, non-car enthusiasts are encouraged and are always welcome at any of our meets and cruises. Especially if you are interested in looking at someone’s build. So don’t be afraid to stop by and chat and check out our meets and hopefully join us for a cruise.

BMW owners, this group does not restrict anyone no matter what kind of BMW they may have. ALL BMW owners are welcome, to learn the culture and really get a feel for the “Ultimate Driving Experience”. We have a decent amount of owners who drive fast vehicles around the track and in “Mexico”. So please feel free on asking any type of driving questions, and we do have a few mechanics in our group as well if you are needing friendly advice on your vehicle before taking it to the dealership or a mechanic.

Please feel free to follow any of our socials.


Snapchat—(If you have Snapchat please add me first so I can get you added to the Snapchat Bimmer Team group) @cp10man

Thank You! For taking the time to learn about our group!

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