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Iowa Street Hot Rods

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State: Iowa

Contact: Terry Heldt
Phone: (319) 329-9342

Club Information

Home Base: Iowa Street Hot Rods
Cedar Rapids

Iowa Street Hot Rods Details

Iowa Street Hot Rods came about in 2019 when a few of the members were thinking how it would be a great idea to gather like interested car show people to form a new car club. Many of the members are from Eastern Iowa that love to show their cars in the area. All have the same love for showing their cars, hanging out at car shows talking pretty much about anything and everything, but mostly their cars. A lot of the members have known each other for a long time which makes it more like a family then just a group of people. Along with having known each other for a long time it just made sense to form this group with like minded car show people.

The group has a wide background of people from yound to old, all of whom will take the time to help each other out when needed, and which have a vast backgrounds of experience to share.

The group does attend other events such as the Chicago Auto Show, Monticello Car Show, Dubuque’s Torque Fest and anything car related or just plan fun to do with members.

Our members cars cover a big range of years, from Marty’s 1928 Chevy AB National Touring Coach, which if you catch this car at a show you may catch a glimps of Bonnie and Clyde, to Anna’s 2015 Corvette Z51 in Daytona Sunrise Orange, sweet ride!

If you happen to be at an Eastern Iowa Car show, you will most likely find one of our members there!

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